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To quickly find the answers to some of your questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Gencix products

What is the appropriate dosage of gencix powder per cup?

Gencix is a mouthwash powder that you can dilute in water.

Fill the cup with water up to the mark (the volume of water can be adapted according to your own use, no risk of overdose).

Pour by tapping the bottle twice over the cup in order to get an effective dosage.

Product for daily use, without restriction. No risk if the solution is swallowed.

Tip: it is better to use Gencix twice a day by tapping the bottle twice over the cup than to use Gencix less while tapping the bottle more times above the cup.

Reminder: Gencix is a complementary solution to brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush, as well as using interdental brushed once a day.

Why is Gencix a powder?

Gencix is a powder to be diluted: the choice of a powder product allows this oral hygiene cosmetic to be 100% natural, with long-lasting preservation, and above all, totally free of preservatives and chemicals.

In order to be in liquid form, most of mouthwashes contain preservatives and chemicals.

Gencix powder is made in France with only two components:

  • An extract of papayer leaf from small producers in Burkina Faso
  • A micro-crushed extract of volcanic lava, Pumice
What does Gencix taste like?

When diluted in water, Gencix has a neutral taste.

Gencix powder does not contain any perfume.

How to use Gencix?

The use of Gencix is very simple: it is a powder mouthwash to be diluted in water.

Do not hesitate to consult the video of the instructions on our website.

Easy to use:

A powder to dilute, in a single cup, for your MORNING and EVENING mouthwash after brushing your teeth.

  1. Fill the cup with water up to the line (or volume of water to adapt according to your own use)
  2. Pour by tapping the bottle 2 times above the cup to have the effective dosage. No risk of overdose
  3. Dip your toothbrush in the solution
  4. Add your usual toothpaste to the toothbrush
  5. Brush teeth and gums with mixture
  6. To optimize the action of Gencix, pass the interdental brushes
  7. Rinse with the solution. Do not rinse with clean water after

Tip:In case of severe gingival inflammation, this mouthwash can also be used as toothpaste: dip your toothbrush into this mixture, then brush your teeth and use the rest of the solution for your mouthwash.

My gums are bleeding. Can Gencix help me restore the health of my gums?

Yes! Gencix is an effective and natural alternative to reduce bleeding and occasional inflammation of the gums.

It is not normal to bleed when brushing your teeth.

Bleeding gums when brushing are indicative of inflammation.

Gencix daily has an anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic (and non-bactericidal) action.

Gencix helps reduce the inflammation of the gums, thanks to the scientifically proven virtues of papaya leaf extract.

Gencix preserves the oral flora.

Try it and you will quickly notice improvements in your oral health.

Is Gencix powder agressive?

Not at all. Quite the contrary.

Gencix is a mild, non-aggressive product, a very fine powder to be diluted in water.

Gencix is a natural product, without endocrine disrupter, preservative and chemical. 

Gencix is composed of two natural ingredients, a vegetal extract of papaya leaves and a micro-crushed extract of volcanic lava

Is gencix expensive?

Gencix is a patented, high-quality cosmetic product, 100% natural, manufactured and packaged in small quantities in France.

Gencix is designed and sold by the small company Esprit d'Ethique, in the Nantes region.

Its monthly cost of use is 8 €/month for the 9 gr bottle.The 9 gr bottle allows 180 rinsing mouthwashes (0.13 centimes per use), or about 3 months of use morning and evening or the equivalent of 9 bottles of 400 ml mouthwashes.

The Gencix oral hygiene solution is natural, economical, simple and easy to use.

Where can I find Gencix?

The cosmetic product Gencix is a powder to dilute, mouthwash, with three packages depending on the duration of use and the mode of order: 60 mouthwashes, 120 mouthwashes and 180 mouthwashes.

You can order your Gencix on our secure website: or by phone: 02 40 40 55 54

Gencix 60 mouthwashes (3 gr) of use (about 1 month of use morning and evening): available by internet or telephone

Gencix 180 mouthwashes (9 gr) of use (about 3 months of use morning and evening): available by internet or telephone

Gencix 120 mouthwashes (6 gr) of use (about 2 months of use morning and evening): available in pharmacy with the reference of the product (ACL 34013 816 7857 9)

Order, shipping and delivery

How do I change or terminate a subscription?

It is very easy to change your subscription: by a simple message sent from our contact form on the website, or by email at, or by phone at +33 2 40 40 55 54.

It is also very easy to unsubscribe, after 3 receipts: go to "My account", "Your subscriptions", click on "Manage your subscriptions", indicate the reason for your request then click on "send message", or contact us by phone at +33 2 40 40 55 54.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for Metropolitan France are €7.00 for home deliveries: these packages are sent by LA POSTE in Colissimo.

The shipping costs are only € 3.00 for a delivery to your home for an order of Gencix without cup: these orders without cup are sent by LA POSTE in mail Letter followed.

A product less than 3 centimetres thick can be shipped at the letter rate: this is the case of a Gencix without cup.

Shipping costs are free for orders over €55.00 in France Métropole.

Shipping costs are offered for subscriptions of a 3-month Gencix with or without toothbrush.

Do I need to create a new customer account on the new Gencix Website?

Yes: to comply with the new European GDPR (regulations on the protection of personal data).

Our new website is secured in order to keep your personal data confidential.

Payment of my order and access to my data

Are online payments fully secured?

All credit card payments are fully secured by Stripe, a specialised online payment app that deals with managing financial activities on the Internet, in compliance with the new European requirements concerning customer authentication and personal data confidentiality (European regulation on the protection of personal data, called RGPD, implemented since 25th May 2018).

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