Gencix 3 months (cup-free)

3 Month
Gencix Mouthwash/Tooth-powder 3 months (cup-free)

Bain de bouche / Dentifrice sans gobelet

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Gencix is a completely natural solution to oral care. Developed from a papaya leaf extract, this to-dilute powder contributes to plaque dismantlement and to the reduction of the occasional gum inflammation.

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Gencix’s proven properties

A comparative clinical study on Gencix confirmed the relevance of our mouthwash positioning and gave Gencix the expected scientific recognition


The Gencix solution carries anti-inflammatory properties and preserves the oral flora.


Gencix’s ingredients

The to-dilute powder Gencix is made in France with two ingredients:


A papaya leaf extract from local growers in Burkina Faso


Pumice stone powder


No titanium dioxide


No endocrine disruptor


No preservative


No chemical product


Neutral taste









Utilisation de votre Gencix

A simple use

A unique to-dilute powder to use both as toothpaste and mouthwash


MORNING and EVENING after brushing your teeth


Gencix is a powder to dilute in water


  1. Fill the cup to the line with water
  2. Add Gencix by tapping the flask twice above the cup for efficient dosage. No risk of overdose.
  3. Rince the mouth for 30 seconds with the mixture. Do not rince with clear water.


This mouthwash is also a toothpowder: plunge your toothbrush in the mixture, then brush your teeth and use the rest of the solution for your mouthwash.