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Is gencix expensive ?

Gencix is a patented, high-quality cosmetic product, 100% natural, manufactured and packaged in small quantities in France. Gencix is designed and sold by the small company Esprit d'Ethique, in the Nantes region. 

Its monthly cost of use varies between 9.75 €/month for the 2-months packaging and 8.38 €/month for the 4-months packaging.

Gencix is a product that combines 2 functions: mouthwash and toothpaste.

The 9 g packaging allows, for example, 180 brushing/rinsing, equivalent to three months of use (morning and evening) or to nine 400ml bottles of mouthwash.

Therefore, the Gencix oral hygiene solution can replace both your classic toothpaste and mouthwash.

Where to find THEM ?

Gencix is a mouthwash/toothpaste powder that comes in four packaging, depending on the duration of use: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or 4 months.

You can order Gencix products on our secured website: or by phone at: +33 2 40 40 55 54

Gencix is also available in your local pharmacies with the product reference (CIP code 7 digits or ACL code 13 digits):

Gencix 1 months (03 g): code CIP : 604 2762 et code ACL : 37011 797 0000 1

Gencix 2 months (06 g): code CIP : 816 7857 et code ACL : 34013 816 7857 9

Gencix 3 months (09 g): code CIP : 615 4665 et code ACL : 37011 797 0001 8

Gencix 4 months (12 g): code CIP : 600 1539 et code ACL : 34013 600 1539 5  

What is the appropriate dosage of gencix powder per cup ?

Gencix is a mouthwash/toothpaste powder that you can dilute in water. 

Fill the cup with water up to the mark (the volume of water can be adapted according to your own use) 

Pour by tapping the bottle twice over the cup in order to get an effective dosage. 

No risk of overdose. 

Product for daily use, without restriction. No risk if the solution is swallowed. 

Tip: it is better to use Gencix twice a day by tapping the bottle twice over the cup than to use Gencix less while tapping the bottle more times above the cup. le 

Reminder: Gencix is a complementary solution to brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush, as well as using interdental brushed once a day.

Why Is Gencix a powder?

Gencix is a powder that can be diluted in water: the choice of a solid and dry product allows this oral hygiene cosmetic to be 100% natural, with long-term preservation, while being totally free of preservatives and chemicals. 

Most of modern toothpastes contain preservatives and chemicals in order to be stored in a paste form. Therefore, Gencix does not exist in paste form.

In fact, in the history of oral hygiene, toothpastes have not always been made of paste and you can find several toothpowders on the market, including Gencix.

Is gencix a toothpaste or a mouthwash?

Gencix is both at the same time. 

Gencix = 1 product, 2 functions: mouthwash and toothpaste.

Gencix is only sold in powder form in order to remain 100% natural, without adding preservatives and chemicals. Therefore, Gencix is a powder mouthwash/toothpaste that must be diluted in water. 

Gencix was labelled only as a toothpaste until 2018, making it difficult to explain that Gencix could also be used as a mouthwash. 

A comparative clinical study on Gencix confirmed at the end of 2018 the relevance of the mouthwash labelling and gave Gencix an expected scientific recognition (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - “Effect of a Toothpaste/Mouthwash Containing Carica Papaya Leaf extract on Interdental Gingival Bleeding: A Randomized Controlled Trial”)

Indeed, it is easier to explain that a mouthwash can also replace a toothpaste.

What does Gecix taste like?

When diluted in water, Gencix has a neutral taste. 

Gencix powder does not contain any perfume.
If you want to add a minty taste, you can put a drop of mint essential oil on your toothbrush. 

How to use GENCIX?

Using Gencix is very simple: it is both a mouthwash and a toothpaste, to be diluted in water. 

Feel free to consult the video of the operating instructions on our website.


The same powder, diluted in a single cup, for your mouthwash and toothpaste

MORNING and EVENING after brushing your teeth

Gencix is a powder that must be diluted in water. 

1- Fill the cup with water up to the mark (volume of water can be adapted according to use)

2- Pour by tapping the bottle twice over the cup in order to get an effective dosage. No risk of overdose.

3- Rinse your mouth for about 30 seconds with the mixture. Spit it out. Do not rinse your mouth with clean water afterward.

TIP: This mouthwash is also a toothpaste: immerse your toothbrush in this mixture, then brush your teeth and use the rest of the solution for your mouthwash.

My gums are bleeding Can gencix HELP me restore the health of my gums?

Yes: Gencix is an effective and natural alternative that can help you reduce bleeding and occasional inflammation of your gums. 

It is not normal to bleed when brushing your teeth.

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation. 

Gencix helps to reduce the occasional inflammation of your gums, thanks to the scientifically proven properties of papaya leaf extract.

Gencix also has an anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic action.

Gencix preserves the oral flora.

Try it and you will quickly notice improvements in your oral health.

Is Gencix POWDER agressive?

Not at all. Quite the contrary.

Gencix is a mild, non-aggressive product: a very fine powder to be diluted in water. 

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Do you need to create a new customer account for our new gencix website ?

Yes: to comply with the new European GDPR (regulations on the protection of personal data). 

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How to change or Terminate a subscriBtion?

It is very easy to change your subscription: by a simple message on the « contact » form of the website, or by email at, or by phone at +33 2 40 40 55 54.  

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What are the shipping costs ?

The shipping costs are 7.20€ (including taxes) to your home or 6.20€ (including taxes) to a “point relais” (pick-up point). Parcel for an order of Gencix with cup: parcel sent by LA POSTE with Colissimo.

The shipping costs are 3.60€ (including taxes) to your home for an order of Gencix without a cup: letter sent by LA POSTE with follow-up mail.

Shipping costs are free for orders over 80.00€ (including taxes).

Shipping costs are free for any 3 months Gencix subscriptions.

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